2 November 2023: Our research article accepted in T-NNLS. Congratulations Gaurav, Ruchit and Inder!

24 October 2023: Two papers accepted in WACV 2024. Congratulations Aditay, Yashwanth, Gaurav, Harsh, Arya!

9 May 2023: Gaurav has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Nayak!

11 March 2023: The CAFT++ paper has been accepted in IJCV. Congratulations Vikash, Himanshu and Rohit!

28 February 2023: Aditay has a paper accepted in CVPR’23. Congratulations!

25 October 2022: Congratulations to Yashwanth M. for being awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF).

11 October 2022: 3 papers accepted in WACV 2023! Congratulations Gaurav, Ruchit, Vikash, Rohit, Himanshu, Aditay and Anand (IIT-J).

20 April 2022: Congrats Gaurav, Ruchit, Rohit, Himanshu for paper in HCIS (CVPR Workshop).

14 April 2022: Congrats Chaitra for bagging best presentation award at EECS Symposium 2022, IISc.

3 March 2022: Paper accepted in CVPR 2022! Congratulations to Siddharth and all collaborators from VAL, IISc.

14 October 2021: Congrats Gaurav and Ruchit for Paper in WACV 2022.

15 October 2021: Congrats Chaitra and Ruchit for Paper in BMVC 2021.

29 September 2021: Paper accepted at NeurIPS 2021 in collaboration with VAL (IISc) members, congratulations Siddharth!

17 August 2021: Congrats Vikash, Rohit for paper in TradiCV ICCV Workshop.

June 2020: Congratulations Prof. Anirban Chakraborty on receiving an Outstanding Reviewer award at CVPR 2020!

February 2020: Siddharth Seth has 1 paper accepted at CVPR 2020. Congratulations Siddharth!

December 2019: Siddharth Seth has received Microsoft and Pratiksha Trust travel grants for presenting his work at AAAI 2020

November 2019: 2 papers accepted at AAAI 2020. Congratulations Gaurav and Siddharth!

September 2019: 1 paper accepted at WACV 2020. Congratulations Surbhi!