If you are interested to join the team as a project assistant or an intern, please fill in the form Here uploading your detailed CV and a statement of purpose. Doing summer/winter/short term projects (less than 6 months) is not entertained. Please apply only if you are available for more than 6 months. For project assistants, the minimum tenure is 8 months which can be extended further depending on performance and availability. Note that, emails sent to any of the lab members might not be responded to.

Requirements for Internship and Project Assistant roles:

  1. Graduated or about to graduate with B. Tech/M. Tech degree.
  2. Proficient in Python, PyTorch, Wandb, matplotlib, and various ML frameworks.
  3. Completed college coursework/MOOCs on Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Previously worked with advanced computer vision and deep learning projects.
  5. Candidates with multiple papers at top-tier conferences will be given priority.