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We are looking for new PhD students, Master students, Project Assistants and Interns to join the team (see openings) !

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Anirban Chakraborty

Associate Professor
CDS Dept, IISc Bangalore

E-Mail: firstname[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in

Current Members

PhD/Master’s Students

Aditay Tripathi

Ph. D. student (2018-Present)
Research Area: Cross-modal learning in computer vision applications

M. Yashwanth

Ph. D. student (2021-Present)
Research Area: Federated learning under data heterogeneity

Arka Haldi

M. Tech. (research) (2023-Present)
Research Area: Conditional generative modeling, text-guided image editting

Sai Dharma Srinidhi Sheryala

M. Tech. (research) (2023-Present)
Research Area: Neural radiance fields, Medical image reconstruction

Rahul Pradeep Gohil

M. Tech. (research) (2023-Present)
Research Area: Adversarial robustness of generative models

Batakala Ashok

M. Tech. (CDS) (2022-Present)
Research Area: Reshaping humans in video

Vikramaditya Mishra

M. Tech. (CDS) (2022-Present)
Research Area: FL for battery health monitoring in electric vehicles

Research Project Assistants

Sampath Koti

Project Assistant (2023-Present)
Past: Qualcomm


Arya Singh

Intern (2022-Present)


PhD/Master’s Students

  • Gaurav Kumar Nayak, Ph. D. (2017-23), Current: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee)
    Thesis: Data-efficient Deep Learning Algorithms for Computer Vision Applications
  • Vikash Kumar, M. Tech. (research) (2019-22), Current: Amazon
    Thesis: Mitigating Domain Shift via Self-training for Unsupervised Single and Multi-target Domain Adaptation
  • Chaitra Sheshgiri Jambigi, M. Tech. (research) (2019-22), Current: Flipkart Pvt. Ltd.
    Thesis: Towards Robust and Scalable Video Surveillance: Cross-modal and Domain Generalizable Person Re-identification
  • Siddharth Seth, M. Tech. (research) (2018-21), Current: University of California, Merced (Ph.D. student)
    Thesis: Learning to Perceive Humans From Appearance and Pose
  • Shreya Roy, M. Tech. (research) (2017-21), Current: Publicis Sapient
    Thesis: Deep Learning in Computer Vision: Studies in Neuro-image Segmentation and Satellite Image Super-resolution
  • Surbhi Aggarwal, M. Tech. (research) (2017-20), Current: Microsoft
    Thesis: Learning Across Domains: Applications to Text-Based Person Search and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
  • Sai Shankar Patro, M. Tech. (CDS) (2021-23), Current: Bajaj Auto Ltd.
    Dissertation: Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
  • Supriya Mandal, M. Tech. (CDS) (2021-23), Current: Chargebee
    Dissertation: Unsupervised Deep Learning Based Video Anomaly Detection & Localization
  • Shaurya Tiwari, M. Tech. (CDS) (2020-22), Current: Ernst & Young
    Dissertation: Composing Effective Arbitrary Transfer Sets for Data Free Knowledge Distillation
  • Aditya Kumar Pal, M. Tech. (CDS) (2018-21), Current: Walmart Global Tech India
    Dissertation: Anomaly Detection and Localization Using Image Inpainting
  • Sunny Anand, M. Tech. (CDS) (2019-21), Current: ARKRAY, Inc.
    Dissertation: Efficient Utilization of Communication Channel in Federated Learning
  • Sourav Mishra, M. Tech. (CDS) (2018-20), Current: Toppr
    Dissertation: Feature Augmentation for Anomaly Detection
  • Shivansh Srivastava, M. Tech. (CDS) (2017-19), Current: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Dissertation: Early and Hybrid Fusion for Cultural Event Recognition in Images
  • Utkarsh Shreemali, M. Tech. (CDS) (2017-19), Current: Qualcomm
    Dissertation: Robust Gait based Human Identification on Incomplete and Multi-view Sequences
  • Bibrat Ranjan Pradhan, M. Tech. (CDS) (2017-19), Current: Mercedes-Benz R&D
    Dissertation: Activity Recognition in Neuromorphic Videos

Project Assistants

  • Shubham Randive, Project Assistant (2022-2023), Current:
  • Rohit Lal, Project Assistant (2021-2022), Current: University of California, Riverside
  • Ruchit Rawal, Project Assistant (2021-2022), Current: Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Saarbrücken
  • Monish Keswani, Project Assistant (2020-21), Current: IIT Hyderabad
  • Saksham Jain, Project Assistant (2020-21), Current: University of Washington, Seattle
  • Akash Sonth, Project Assistant (2020-21), Current: Aspen Technology
  • Sharan Seshadri, Project Assistant (2019), Current: SDE, Juniper Networks
  • Rajath R. Dani, Project Assistant (2019-21), Current: Amazon Web Services
  • Shashank Shekhar, Project Assistant (2018-19), Current: Meta AI Research